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2001 Nissan Frontier Bed Assembly
Bed Assembly REG CAB RED BY
2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Bed Assembly
Bed Assembly4DR, Gold, 6-99, 5D3,
2005 Dodge RAM 1500 Pickup Bed

2010 Ford Ranger Bed Assembly
Bed Assembly Gray, LID-NG
2009 Mazda B4000 Bed Assembly
Bed Assembly 6' W/LIP BULKHEAD D5
Used Truck Bed - Used truck bed

Used Truck Bed

If you are looking for good deals on truck beds, then you have come to the right place. is a place where you can find everything related to trucks including used truck beds, truck bed roll cover, truck bed light, truck bed step and others. The truck bed refers to the open portion of the body in the rear side of a pickup truck. The main usage of the truck bed lies in carrying large loads, which cant normally fit into the open space of a car. Pick up trucks are typically invented for the purpose of carrying heavy loads. So undoubtedly the truck beds are the most important component of such trucks.

The truck beds came into use when the first assembled pick up truck was launched in the year 1925. During this time the truck was sold for 281 dollars. The first truck was released by Ford and the company named this truck as Ford Model T Runabout with pickup body.

It was in the year 1928, that the first pickup truck with a closed cab was released. It was a great revolution as the loads were carried at a much faster speed. It had a powerful engine with a horse power of 40. In the meanwhile, other companies also understood the growing need for pickup trucks. Till 1936, Ford had produced and sold 3 million trucks and was the leader in the industry.

After 1940, several types of pickup trucks were released worldwide by top automobile manufacturers. All of them had their own model of truck beds and with each version there was a lot of improvement seen. This improvement was witnessed constantly year after year. There are different types of pickup trucks used all over the world like the compact pickups, full size pickups, mid size pickups, muscle trucks and sports utility trucks (SUT).

Used truck beds are often preferred by customers because they are relatively inexpensive to get their truck back to its shape. As long as the truck beds are in good condition, there is no problem in using any truck bed either new or old. The used truck bed helps to suit your needs and preferences in a considerably low price.

Nowadays, the market for the used truck bed is huge which also includes truck bed step, truck bed cover, truck bed liner paints. So you can look out for old truck bed required for your pickup at, based on your liking at really affordable prices. There are all types of used truck beds available here, including planet trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks etc.
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